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This web site is dedicated to healthy and natural living, through a holistic approach. Holistic philosophy means that we have to take care of our whole being - body, mind and soul. If we neglect any of these, we are incomplete, we miss the sense of whole. We should never forget any part of our being. There is no health without taking care of all three parts. 
As for the body, we will want to eat healthy and discover the way food affects our emotions and moods. We might try natural remedies and cosmetics. The body also needs workout to become and stay healthy, strong and beautiful. Choose the exercises that suit you most.
For the mind, we can do a lot with positive thinking, visualization and meditation. Find out what are your goals and learn to plan for achieving them.
The soul can also benefit from meditation. But, most important for spiritual healing is forgiveness and love.
Take a stroll through my garden:
 Healthy Cooking - a virtual recipe book of healthy and tasty meals.
 Natural Cosmetics - tired of commercial cosmetics? You want to know what goes on your face? Check out this recipes. Comments or suggestions? 
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Recommended books:
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay
The Macrobiotic Way by Michio Kushi 
You the Healer by Jose Silva & Robert B. Stone 
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill 
Decision Making and Goal Setting by Ed Bernd Jr.
How to Make Love All the Time by Barbara De Angelis
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